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Environment @ LJ

Discussing environmental issues, green technology and lifestyles

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Caring for the Environment
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Discussion of environmental issues, green technologies...

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This is a community about saving the environment and making people aware of what's happening to it.

As we march into the 21st century there is a growing need for environmentally friendly technologies and lifestyles. As people realize that resources do have limits and that current trends show a need for environmental planning, opportunity abounds.

This community is about of ideas and solutions to environmental issues that need attention. Here a range of issues are talked about, from deforestation to fracking to alternative energy to gmo food. We are a community of educators and activists passionate about the planet.

Posts/Rules: Graphic images are allowed only if they are placed behind an lj-cut with an added warning and description of the graphic image. If you are posting a video or a link to a video, please summarize what the video is about. No hateful remarks please.

Если Вы публикуете на русском Вы языке необходимо включить перевод на английский язык, а также.
(If you post in the Russian language, you must include an English translation as well.)

Entries: Entries must have comments enabled. Please use an LJ-cut on long entries (longer than 250 words say) and if you're quoting an article be sure to include a source. Thank you

What not to Post
-Advertisements, pure politics, fundraising (unless it is with a legitimate organization)

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